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American-made batteries from start to finish.



Statevolt believes the best way to power America is to make it in America. From local and sustainably sourced geo-thermal power and lithium to state-of-the art battery manufacturing, Statevolt’s hyperlocal approach means essential battery solutions are Made in America from start to finish.



Statevolt is building more than batteries. We are building an economic engine that empowers local communities and creates good jobs. Our philosophy is anchored in a commitment to the communities where we operate and in strengthening and upskilling the local workforce.



At Statevolt, sustainability is by design. Our Gigafactory is being engineered for energy and resource efficiency. Our hyperlocal supply chain draws clean geothermal energy and critical minerals from local sources. And, our closed-looped production process aims to minimize site scrap and recycle battery materials.


Among the Largest Gigafactories in America.

The United States has an opportunity to take charge of the energy transition by growing domestic battery production and strengthening secure and reliable local supply chains. Statevolt is helping make this vision reality, building a battery cell Gigafactory in Imperial Valley, southern California. Once fully operational, Statevolt’s Imperial Valley Gigafactory will be one of the largest in North America with a battery capacity of 54Gwh.


Future-Proof Battery Technology

A modular and technology-agnostic manufacturing approach allows Statevolt to develop lithium-ion battery cells, in line with evolving, cutting-edge technology. Production lines are designed to accommodate multiple technologies within the same facility, providing the flexibility to tailor advanced battery solutions to different client needs at scale.

Electric Mobility
Energy Storage System (ESS)
Industrial Machinery

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