Our Approach

Community Impact

Energizing Communities

Driving growth and community renewal is at the heart of Statevolt’s mission. We believe local supply chains create local jobs, and in turn, energize local economies and communities. We are committed to not simply be a presence but a partner in the communities where we operate.

Workforce Development

Batteries Made in America mean jobs Made in America. To ensure community members have the skills and training to take advantage of these opportunities, Statevolt is investing in education and upskilling programs. Within the Imperial Valley region, we are collaborating with local education instituions such as the Imperial Valley College and San Diego University to build specialized curriculum to develop local talent.

training speaker talking in a classroom of adults

“Creating up to 2500 full time jobs the Statevolt project and its significant investment will be a monumental boost and rebirth for our local economy. Working alongside Imperial Valley College and other regional institutions, curriculums will be designed and administered to upskill our local workforce seeking new opportunities and higher wages for underserved citizens.”

Benefits to the Community


Market catalyst

Allowing national carmakers and utility companies to reduce their dependency from international suppliers.


Employment driver

Creating new employment in high-demand sector and offer up/re-skilling opportunities for local communities.


Value chain stimulus

Enabling local economy development in the nearby area of the production plan including services for employees, their families, and the real estate market.


Positive spillover

Positioning the region at the forefront of innovation along a strategic path for green transition with positive spillover effects on the highly specialized electrochemistry sector and process excellence.

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